Anti-Aging Clinics Near Me

Anti-Aging Clinics Near Me

Best Anti-Aging Clinics Near Me

Best Anti-Aging Clinics Near Me and Types Of Anti-Aging Doctors

All About Anti-Aging Clinics

Anti-aging medicine is a specialty of medicine that has to do with early detection, prevention, treatment and the reversal of age-related conditions. There are a lot of doctors out there with various claims of medications and procedures that can make people feel younger. However, before deciding to consult any of them for assistance, it’d be important to carry out some research before taking the anti-aging leap. This article is on the type of ‘‘ anti-aging doctors’’ you should beware of, and also the tips you need on how to slow down the aging process, and also feel young.

The Types Of Anti-Aging Doctors You Should Know

Anything doctor that claims he can reduce, stop or reverse the aging process. This would be a huge claim, as no one can reverse or stop the aging reverse. It’s a bogus claim, and you should be careful of such doctors. Any doctor that claims that he’s certified in anti-aging medicine. Whoever makes such claim is being untruthful. Currently, the American board of specialties does not recognize such certification.

Prescription Drugs

According to the current rules and regulations in the country, it’s illegal to give hormones for the sole purpose of reversing or stopping aging. You should avoid doctors that make this kind of claim. Doctors that are happy to load you with prescription drugs: You should be careful of any doctor that wants to load you up with compounded bioidentical hormones. The best place to get hormone replacement treatment is to go to certified and licensed endocrinologists, internist, geriatrician, and gynecologist. This type of physicians would give the exact types of FDA drugs you might need.

Diagnosis Based on just a Saliva Test

Saliva Test

.There have reports of some fake doctors that made diagnoses such as hormone imbalance, or vitamin deficiencies based on the just a saliva test. This type of diagnosis requires carrying out some specific tests, at least the blood sample of the patient has to be taken. Beware of doctors that would not give you the details of the treatment procedure, and also assure of the safety of the medical intervention they’re recommending. Your doctor should be able to clear whatever doubts you might have concerning the treatment options. This should be done with proof, such as published clinical papers online, that you can study yourself.

Important Anti-Aging Tips You Need To Know

There are anti-aging strategies you can follow, that would make you look and feel younger than your age. Although there are a lot of creams and lotions that claim to help you slow down the aging process, and make your skin shine more. Below are some of the things to do to help you feel and look younger than your age: Avoid making use of straw: It’s ideal to make use of straws, especially when drinking in public. Drinking through a straw accentuates the facial muscles. The more the facial muscles are used and strained, the more noticeable the facial lines would be. So if you’re interested in ensuring your face looks young, you might want to ditch that straw.


Smoking does not benefit the body in any way. In fact, according to studies, a stick of cigarette contains about 64 carcinogens. There is a long list of reasons why smoking is bad for human health. Apart from increasing the risk of having cancer, it also increases the chances of developing cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Asides from all these, smoking also increases the aging process. Smoking damages your looks. This habit takes a huge toll on the way people look. Smoking leads to premature skin aging, development of wrinkles on the body, discolored teeth, and an increased risk of developing psoriasis.

Foods that are Rich in Antioxidants:

According to a popular saying,‘‘you’re what you eat’’. This holds true. This is why it’s important to consume healthy foods as much as possible, and less unhealthy ones. There are some foods that are rich in antioxidants. Examples of food that are rich in antioxidants include vegetables and fruits. Examples of antioxidants include vitamins B; vitamin E. Antioxidants help to eliminate and also protect the skin against the accumulation of free radicals. Free radicals are capable of breaking down the skin’s tissues, such as elastin and collagen. Antioxidants help us to look more youthful and also have healthier skin. You can get vitamin E by consuming foods such as sunflower oil, which is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B6 from chickpeas and so on.

Protein Foods

Protein helps to build and maintain muscle mass, which the body tends to lose as we age. This is why it’s essential to consume lots of protein foods. However, you shouldn’t consume an excessive amount. Protein also helps to maintain and have a healthy looking hair. Some common sources of protein include peas, fish, meats, and so on. In situations where you don’t have access to enough protein foods, you could rely on supplements. There are protein supplements that can help to keep a balance on your protein intake. Protein supplements are important, especially when you’re trying to build up your muscle.

Sugar Intake

Although carbohydrates are essential for the body. We need them to have energy, as they’re rich in it. However, they should be consumed moderately. Increasing large amounts of sugar increase the risk of developing some disease such s obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The best way to consume carbohydrate foods is by eating them in moderate amounts. The brain needs glucose to work effectively. In addition, cutting out carbohydrate foods is not good for the body, especially when you need your brain to be working at optimum capacity. This also makes you look younger and healthier

Best way to Sleep



One of the ways of maintaining a healthy and youthful looking skin is by sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your side can cause the development of wrinkles on the side you sleep on. Asides from this, sleeping on your back, also helps to ease neck and back pain.

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