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All About Computer Repair

Everyone has been in situations where their computer stops working. This is when we need the service of a computer repair professional. However, it’s important to give your computer to someone that would fix it and won’t cause any extra damages. This article is to help you with tips, on how you can get the best computer repair service.

Important Questions You’d Need to Ask a Computer Repair Service

There are some questions you should ask before dropping your computer at a repair service, and the type of replies you should get. How much does is their service per hour: A lot of people make the mistake of not asking about the charges of computer repair service, until they come to pick up their computer, only to be shocked by how much they have to pay. One of the things you should ask for is how much is their service per hour. You shouldn’t delay asking this question until it’s time to pay. The average rates of computer repair service are usually from $50 to 75$ per hour. If the amount you’re told is way higher than $75, then there is a chance that you’re getting ripped off, and if it’s a lot lower than $50, then there is a chance that you might not get quality service in return. Good and quality service costs money, but shouldn’t cost too much.

Time Frame

it’d take to fix the computer: Since you’d have to pay her per hour, you should be given an estimate of how many hours it’d take to fix the computer. You don’t want to return to pick up your computer, only to be told that it took 10 hours to fix your computer, and you’d have to pay $500, which is more than the cost of buying a new computer. You should be given a rough estimate of how many hours it’d take to get the problem fixed. However, you should know that you can’t get an accurate estimation of the number of hours it’d take to fix your computer. You have to be flexible and come to a conclusion yourself. If you’re ever in doubt, you should contact other computer repair stores, and ask for an estimate of how many hours it’d take them to fix your computer. If any local computer repair service refuses to give you an estimate of how many hours it’d take them to fix the computer, then you should take your computer to another place for repairs.

Fixing Computer Problems

Minimum Charge

There are some computer problems that can be fixed in some few minutes. You should ask if you can be allowed to pay for such minutes. However, most computer repair service charge per hour, regardless of the minutes spent in repairing the computer. You might get lucky to be charged for half an hour if the work is done in less 30 minutes. Although, you shouldn’t rely on this, as most computer repair service minimum charge is per hour.

Hourly Rate

We tend to realize that we pay more for most of the services we request for. This is because of the hidden charges we’re not aware of. You might be told it’d cost $30 to get something done, and you’d end up paying $50. This is why it’s important always to ask if there are other charges to be paid, asides from the hourly charges.

Extral Charges

Although, it’s not common for computer repair professionals to charge extra apart from the hourly charges. However, you’d have to pay for any hardware that is changed in your computer. Hardware replacements or software installations might cost some money, which you’d have to pay to pay for. Overall, you should ask if there are any extra charges to pay, and if there are any, you should demand they be put in writing.

Home Services

There are times we would rather have our computer fixed in the comfort of our homes. It’s therefore important if this would cost more than taking the computer to a repair shop. They should be able to give an estimate of how much more money you’d have to pay in getting an in-home service done. However, there are some computer stores that do not charge extra for in-home services, although you should count yourself lucky, should you ever get this type of deal.


It’s important to know if there is any guaranty on the service you’d be given. It doesn’t make sense to get your computer fixed, only for it to break down after a few weeks. You should be given a guaranty that isn’t less than a month. In addition, the guaranty should be put in prints, and you should read it thoroughly to know the types of services that are included in the guaranty, especially when you’re given a guaranty that is more than one month.


Sometimes we keep files and documents on our computer for many years, and it’d mean a lot if we lose these files. This is why we must ask the computer repair service if we won’t lose our valuable documents and files in the process of repairing the computer. In situations where there is a problem with the hard disk, the files might not be recoverable, although this rarely occurs. This is one of the reasons why it’s important we back our files up, on an external hard disk, or in cloud storage

Getting Your Computer

Recieving your Computer


After dropping your computer in computer repair service, you should know when you should go pick it up. This is the last question you should ask before dropping the computer. Ideally, you should be able to pick up your computer within a day or two.

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