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Asphalt paving refers to any road or surface that is coated with asphalt. However, asphalt paving isn’t just done for roads, but can also be used for residential purposes. This includes driveways, and so on. Regardless of why you need to pave the road or home, you would have to seek for the help of a company near you. There are companies that handle the installation and maintenance of roads.

The cost to Pave Driveway

The cost of paving a driveway depends on many factors. However, the most important factor is the surface area of where you want to pave. The cost of paving ranges between $2842 and $6,289, although the cost of the project can be as low as $1500, and can also be as high as $10,000. On an average, homeowners spend about $4,496 on their driveways. The cost of paving a driveway is usually calculated by the square foot. It cost about $3 to $4 per square foot. On the other hand, it cost about $6 per square foot to install concrete on your driveway. Deciding to pave your home is a good decision. Apart from adding to the beauty of your home, it also bests if you live in a place with harsh weather condition.

Why Is Asphalt Preferred In Paving Driveways?

The main reason why asphalt is preferred in the paving of the driveway is mainly that of the low price, as compared to concrete. Also, asphalt is more durable, safe and lastly, a renewable material. Asphalt provides a clean, safe surface for work and play, especially when it’s properly done. Examples of places where asphalt is preferred include on driveways, walkway, parking lot, and so on. Asides from all these, it also adds to the aesthetic value of the home, or wherever it’s used. For climes that experience snow during winter, it’s easier to remove snow from asphalt paved road, as compared to concrete. Asphalt paving is a huge project, and it requires the expertise of professionals. This is why you have to hire a contractor or company that has a good experience doing it.

Asphalt and Concrete

Is Asphalt Cheaper Than Concrete?

Most homeowners decide to go for asphalt when choosing to pave their driveways. One of the main things people consider when choosing asphalt is that it adds to the beauty of the home. It significantly increases the aesthetic value of the home. Also, the climate of the area also plays an important role. Although there are many options to choose from, such as concrete, asphalt, gravels. Most homeowners tend to choose between concrete and asphalt. People that live in cold-weather climates usually go for asphalt, because it adapts well to temperature changes. Asphalt can expand and contract as the mercury goes up and down. On the other hand, concrete driveways or roads, tend to crack due to temperature changes. This occurs mostly in low temperatures. This is why concrete driveways are preferred in places that have a warm-weather climate. Overall, asphalt is cheaper than concrete, but people that live in warm-weather climate tend to go for concrete because it lasts for a long time without any need of resurfacing or resealing, while asphalt is preferred in cold-weather climates because it lasts for a long time, without a need for repair and so on.

Factors That Affect the Price Of Asphalt Installation

Although the price of asphalt is low, relative to other methods of paving driveways and roads. There are many factors that can affect the final cost of projects that involve the use of asphalt. Below are some of the factors to consider when a new homeowner wants to lay down asphalt for a new driveway: a. Cost of local material: You should consider the price of freight, current market prices, and the fuel surcharges. All these affect the cost of the raw material that is used for paving. b. Foundation: A foundation is needed to be laid before asphalt is installed. This is usually 8-10 inch of gravel, before applying the asphalt. This is done for drainage

Base Coat

This is needed to increase the durability of the driveway. You would need a minimum of two coats, which includes one on the base, and another one at the top. The more the quality of the coat, the more durable the paved surface would be. d. Drainage and geotextile additions: It’s important to provide his drainage e. Excavation and clearing: This is done in situations where there are no current surfaces. The contractors would have to create a room for the new pavement. f. Specialized top coats and sealants: These are special top coats that are used in pavements. They cost between a range of $1 to $2.5.

Do You Have To Replace Your Asphalt Or Just Resurface?

Asphalt usually lasts for about 20 years and would need to be maintained every three to five years. Homeowners have to be careful about who they employ to help them maintain their asphalt. The integrity of the asphalt has to be maintained if you want it to last long. In cases where asphalt is not maintained, homeowners might eventually have to replace the driveway entirely and also carry out resurfacing. Overall, it’s more economical to maintain the road by carrying out repairs periodically, to spending a lot of money replacing the road in just some few years. Below are some data to put this into perspective:

Cost To Resurface An Asphalt Driveway

• Total cost: $2000-$3800 • Average cost per square foot: $2.24

Average cost to remove and replace an asphalt driveway

• Total cost: $2,300 -10, 300 • Average cost per square foot: $1.17 The asphalt would have to be replaced when the material used in making the driveway has deteriorated. Also, there would be a need for replacement when the underlying gravel base starts falling off.

Best Asphalt Application

Asphalt Application


The use of asphalt is not just for paving driveways. Homeowners apply asphalt in other ways. Below are some of them: • For paving sidewalks • For paving sports courts and so on.

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