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All About Family Lawyer

Few professionals are vital for survival such as doctors, pastors, or psychologists and counselors, who help with physical and mental health, as well as family troubles. Accountants and tax advisors could be thrown into the mix as well as they cater for financial stability, which is crucial to wellbeing. Some could even argue you need much than that. An average person can cook and handle basic care for survival. However, in this modern world, with government policies, complex regulations, advanced diseases, and the gradual neglect for a healthy lifestyle, one also needs a skilled professional like a lawyer. An aspect of the legal system is called Family law, and those legal professionals that deal with this area of law are referred to as Family lawyers. Family lawyers are more focused on marital issues such as marriages, civil unions, divorce, prenuptial agreements, annulments, cohabitation, and cases like custody issues. Also, a family lawyer is involved in soliciting for the financial support of a divorced spouse, property settlements, paternity issues, bigamy, domestic abuse, and child abuse.

Attributes of a Successful Lawyer

Most successful lawyers possess great people skills. This quality is important to be developed to become an effective advocate. A lawyer is also capable of practicing as the following: An attorney Attorney-at-law A barrister A barrister-at-law A bar-at-law Counselors A counselor-at-law Some of them are also solicitors Some work as a public servant - preparing, interpreting and applying the law

What does a Family Lawyer Do?

Just as the name implies, the lawyers are focused on the family and the institution of marriage. They can either to represent the family as the attorney in legal issues involving a member of the family and in some cases, they are only there for either the husband or the wife. There are also cases of family lawyers mediating for child protection cases, adoption laws and controversies, and fighting for child support for children from broken marriages. The famous Hollywood power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, was divorced a while back as the Angelina filed for divorce, but that was only the beginning of the acrimony. There has been fierce custody battle and allegation of child support negligence on the part of Brad Pitt, which he has denied with proof claiming that it was only a way of manipulating the media against him. The Mr. & Mrs. Smith stars have been using family lawyers to represent them in the custody case. Most family lawyers are divorce suit specialists while some are primarily skilled in dealing with custody cases, or adoption suits. Moreover, the majority are skilled in representing clients in a combination of those areas. The need to be well vast in significant areas of family law for lawyers is because they deal with a variety of cases like contract negotiation, handling legal documents, and cases of litigation.

Functions of Family Lawyers

MainFunctions of Family Lawyers

They also have the responsibility of advising their clients on their legal rights and options in solving disputes. Below is the list of other things family lawyers can accomplish: Family lawyers deal with family-related issues and domestic relations Family law practices represent clients in divorce suits Family lawyers handle issues connected to divorce like the division of property between the husband and wife Family lawyers mediate in lawsuits concerning child custody Family attorneys argue cases of child support Family lawyers defend clients in legal suits regarding alimony Family lawyers also draft prenuptial agreement as well as postnuptial agreements Family lawyers are known to defend victims of domestic violence Family attorneys also represent perpetrators of the domestic violence Family barristers handle cases of civil protection order proceedings Family lawyers also handle cases of adoption and guardianship Family law practitioners are typically in charge of cases of juvenile delinquency Family lawyers appear in court for cases of child abuse and neglect Divisions of firms that focus on family law also adjudicate divorce Family lawyers also mediate visitations for parents dealing with custody battles Family lawyers are experts in arbitrating paternity lawsuits Family lawyers also represent children in need of assistance who are dependent or neglected in the court They also deal with cases of civil protection order

What Type of Cases does Family Law Attorneys Cover?

The array of legal cases that a family lawyer takes differs based on their immediate jurisdiction. Family law attorneys are able to represent clients in a variety of lawsuits. Although as earlier mentioned some of them focus on specific areas, which they are known for and have recorded exemplary success. These are some of the cases that firms or lawyers dealing solely in family law cover: Family law attorneys handle cases of Surrogacy Family law attorneys handle cases of Adoption Family law attorneys handle cases of child abduction Family law attorneys handle cases of paternity fraud Family law attorneys handle cases of a child’s emancipation Family law attorneys handle cases of marriage fraud and annulment Family law attorneys handle cases of child support and alimony Family law attorneys handle cases of domestic partnership Family law attorneys handle cases of status offenses regarding minors Family law attorneys mediate parental abduction in divorces Family law attorneys oversee supervised visitations

Pro Bono Family Lawyers Near Me with a Free Consultation

It is not difficult for a person to get legal aid and/or representation from a pro bono lawyer that specializes in family law. Family lawsuits that involve children requiring the services of a family lawyer are considered social or public services, and the government and private non-profit/charitable organizations are often interested in tackling such cases. There are situations where the person in need of a legal service may be unable to pay for the service. This should not discourage that individual for seeking out a family lawyer. Some sites and organizations offer pro bono services to people unable to afford it, and charitable benefactors, in turn, finance them, or in some cases, the government bears the financial implications.

Lawyers for Child Support and Visitation Rights

The issue of child custody in broken marriages has often led to disputes over which parent is more suitable for providing care for a child or children. The popular star of the Fast and Furious franchise, Tyrese Gibson had his share of child custody battle amidst claims of abuse allegations and the exorbitant cost of child support. He was given joint custody of his 11-year-old daughter, Shayla, as he was not satisfied with just having visitation rights. The Ride Along 2 star wanted to be involved in the life of his daughter regarding adequate child support, but more than that he believed his daughter would benefit more from spending equal time with her father and mother. Family lawyers were on both sides representing the views of their clients, and if the Judge had not granted the 50/50 custody request, Tyrese would have had to settle for visitation rights.

Child Custody Lawyers for Fathers

The past few years have seen fathers like Brad Pitt and Tyrese Gibson awarded joint custody of their children through passionate battle and love for their kids. The connection between fathers or fatherly figures and their children can be quite formidable as is the case of Brad Pitt who is the father of four adopted children and his biological twins. The legal counsel of Brad Pitt achieved a desirable feat by representing the actor and clearing him of any allegations that may have prevented him from having access to his children. Gifted is a movie released in 2017, which portrayed Chris Evans, who plays the famous role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a child custody battle. Chris Evans played the character of Frank Adler who was the only father figure for his niece Mary played by Mckenna Grace; he was intimidated by the lawsuit he almost lost his niece. In recent times, it has become challenging for good fathers to gain child custody of their wards, but with the help of excellent Family attorneys, desirable results are achievable.

Fair Spousal Support or Alimony

Alimony is aimed at helping the spouse settle down and ease into the new life after the separation. Most court rules that alimony be discontinued after some time, otherwise the termination date needs to be addressed. Alimony is awarded based on some determinants such as: The physical, emotional, and financial state of the spouse Age of the recipient spouse Duration of the period the recipient would need to become adequately skilled for self-sustenance Standard of living of the couples in the marriage Length of the marriage Financial capability of the payer spouse

Questions for Divorce Attorney

Questions You Can Ask a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never an easy process, it can be exhausting regarding time spent, financial implication, and emotional duress, so you want to be familiar with few issues when meeting with your legal counsel. Below are key issues you need to raise with your attorney: The financial implication of the services of the divorce lawyer A basic understanding of the divorce process The issue of child custody Division of properties owned during the marriage Insight about the concept and regulation of alimony peculiar to your State

Fair Spousal Support or Alimony How to Qualify for an Annulment Annulment differs from divorce because unlike divorce, which ends the marriage, annulment simply states that it never occurred legally. Some places have a stipulated period annulment can be filed, but consult a family lawyer, and they will be educated on the requirements for the annulment procedure. In order for one to qualify for an annulment, irrefutable proof of the following needs to be presented to the court: Preexisting marriage Mental incapacity or being underage Marriage between close relatives Marriage under fraudulent circumstances such as a spouse with a false identity unbeknownst to the other partner Marriage under duress Sham marriages did to deceive a government or corporate entity Unconsummated marriages Some things are just difficult to manage. Personally, it’s either that personal bias becomes a problem, or the skill is lacking totally. Lawyers have been a part of the society for quite a while now, and it can be traced to as far back as the Middle Ages. Lawyers are knowledgeable people who are diverse in the laws of the land, policies, and they know their way around convincing people to see their perspectives on matters. There are different types of lawyers, and thanks to TV dramas, we have been able to see quite a few of the — popular drama series like “How to get away with murder,” “Suits” starring the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle – the wife of Prince Harry of England. Other notable drama series about lawyers or that have serious elements of lawyers are “Better call Saul,” “Scandal,” “Law & Order,” “The Split,” and the new law drama series that started in 2018 “For the People.” All those dramas among multiple ones have brought to light the way the legal system works. A family lawyer is even vital to the sustenance of a family during this millennium, as crime and violence have become more rampant. The hope of marriage is for a blissful life, but sometimes reality can be cruel, hence the need for a family attorney to ease the transition process after the separation for the good of everyone involved. References Best Lawyer Movies. (2018). Retrieved from Carpenter, C. (2017). Tyrese reunites with daughter Shayla after custody battle victory. Retrieved from Franco, J. (2018). Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation. Retrieved from Gifted (2017). (2017). Retrieved from Griffiths, E. (2018). Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s court case: new decision made on joint child custody. Retrieved from How to Get Free Legal Aid in Your State | Rocket Lawyer. (2018). Retrieved from Law.Ubalt.Edu (2018). Retrieved from Lawyers Facts. (2018). Retrieved from Spousal Support (Alimony) Basics – FindLaw. (2018). Retrieved from Stevens, V. (2018). How to Be Eligible for an Annulment. Retrieved from What is Custody and Visitation Law? – FindLaw. (2018). Retrieved from