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Best Garage Door Repair near Me

Best Garage Door Repair near Me and Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Open

All About Garage Door Repair near Me

The garage door is one of the main entrances into your home, where we park cars. So it’s important for garage doors to work always. However, there are times when the garage door stops working. In some occasions, it might just be a little problem we can fix, but in most cases, we would need to hire the service of a garage door repaired. The garage door might be changed entirely, or repaired, depending on how severe the problem is. This piece would focus on common reasons why garage doors won’t work, the cost of replacing or fixing them and so on.

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Garage doors are common in various facilities. Examples of places where they’re widely used include both residential and commercial properties. The price of garage doors varies in price, style, size, and costs to repair. The cost of servicing a garage door is about $209, and scheduling and working conditions at commercial businesses range around $249 and $219 for apartment buildings. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of the repair of garage doors: Style of garage doors: Usually, some doors are more difficult to repair, as compared to others. As an illustration, single roll-up doors and single tile-up doors are the cheapest. On the other hand, custom roll-up doors are on the high side. Also, the solid wood garage doors are also expensive

Materials for Garage Door Repair

People that have the expensive type of garage doors would usually pay more for repair or replacement, as compared to those with cheap doors. This is because the materials and parts needed for the job would have to be gotten from the manufacturer. Garage door openers: A lot of garage doors have electric openers. However, the problem with these type of doors is that they tend to malfunction over time, and would require a replacement. Broken door openers are cheap to replace. You can do this yourself, by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Garage Door Painting

When Should I Paint my Garage Door

There are cases where people realize that their garage door doesn’t match the color of their house. In this case, the garage door has to be painted, which would also increase the total cost of repair or replacement.

What Are The Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Open?

Most of the garage doors made from 15 to 20 years ago, do have photo-eye. Photo-eye is a part of garage doors that helps to know if anything is obstructing the door from lowering all the way. The photo-eye is usually around 4-6 inches away from the ground for a lot of doors, while the eye is about the size of a pea. It operates by shooting a laser across the length of the garage. The laser will stop the door from working if it’s interrupted. In situations where the photo eye isn’t working, you should check if the cords attached to the photo-eye is in good shape. You should also clean and remove dirt that might have deposited on it.

Cecking te Power Source for Garage Door Failure

This is one of the first things you should check if your garage door fails to work. The power source might have been disconnected by accident, or by someone else. Also, the power outlet might also stop working. You should try to plug another working electronic device into the same power outlet, to see if it’s working. Other things that could cut off the power source of the operator include a circuit breaker, fuse and so on.

Garage door Torsion

These garage door torsion springs don’t go out without a bang. You’d hear a loud noise that sounds like a gunshot. Broken garage door torsion springs are one of the most common reasons why people call garage door repair companies. You should never try to fix this by yourself, or attempt to open the door, as this can be dangerous. The best to thing to do in such case is to call a garage door repair company for prompt action. However, ensure the person is a professional, or at least someone that has the right skillsets and tools.

Spoilt Cables

This garage door problem is mostly associated with torsion springs break. The cable tends to disengage when the torsion springs break. This cable can do a lot of damage to the car, especially when the individual is in its way. You shouldn’t try to fix this yourself, but get the help of a professional, with the right skill set and tools. You can also call a garage door repair company.

Poor Door sensitivity

This can happen to both old and new doors. This might occur if the sensitivity is set too low or high. A door sensitivity that is set too low or too high would cause the door not to open. It’s important to study the door manufacturer’s guide on how to properly set or reset the sensitivity of the door. Another way to do this is to adjust the close force, and limit switch to the right levels and everything will start working. Malfunctioning remote control: There are many reasons that could be responsible for a malfunctioning remote control. Some of them include the following: It might be out of range: This happens when the remote control is too far from the garage door. In this case, you should move closer to the garage door before pressing. Spoilt antenna: This is one of the common reasons why garage door remote doesn’t work. It occurs due to the damage of the antenna on the motor. The battery in the battery might also have problems. So you should try changing them.

Garage Door ost

Cost of Garage Door


The cost of replacing a door depends on the quality and style. However, garage doors do cost between $200 for single doors, to $4000 for more doors. The cost might be higher, due to the materials used in the installation.

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