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Best Hair Extensions Near Me

Best Hair Extensions Near Me and Things To Consider When Getting A Hair Extension

All About Hair Extensions

A hair extension is that which helps to add length and/or fullness to the hair. Wearing hair extensions significantly improves one’s appearance, and also helps people switch up their looks. It doesn’t matter if your head is bald, and you really want waist-length, beachy summer waves, or just a good ponytail, the hair extension will get the job done. The hair extension is an instant fix to hair problems.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are various types of hair extensions. They differ in quality, shapes, length, prices and so on. Usually, the more quality a hair extension is, the more expensive it is. We see people on the red carpet of various events all the time, looking drop dead gorgeous, and with perfect and long hairs. Then we see them wear another hair the following day. Most celebrities usually go for the very costly ones. However, you can still get a quality one that you wouldn’t have to break the bank for. Before buying a hair extension, it’s important to consider some factors, before you’d end up wasting money on something that won’t last, or leave you dissatisfied after a short period of time.

Things To Consider When Getting A Hair Extension

Although it’s easy just to go get a hair extension that you saw on someone on Instagram, there are some things you need to consider before buying. Below are some of the tips that would help you in getting the hair extension that is right for you: Consider your lifestyle: There are various types of hair extension, and the type you go for has to align with your lifestyle. According to hair experts, there are 3 main types of hair extensions. The one most commonly associated with beginners is the ‘‘clip-ins’’

clip-ins Hair Extensions


They are popular with beginners because they can be easily worn. They are worn by clipping it to the hair, which you can do anytime you want. You can also remove them by clipping them out whenever you want. The second most common option is the tape extensions. They are attached to the hair by making use of strong, and invisible bi-adhesive premium tapes. These tapes cannot be detected by stroking or touching the hair. In addition, they can last for up to 2 months. The third type of hair extension is the keratin. The keratin hair extension is attached through the use of technology.

Hair Extensions process

The process involves the use of sound activation and keratin attachments. They are the most durable out of all the 3 types of hair extension. They can last for more than 3 months and more. However, the trick about the hair extension is that it’s not advisable for people that engage in hot yoga to go for the tape extension. It’s best to go with the keratin hair extension. Also, people that have or like to change their hair color frequently should go for the tape hair extension. The keratin won’t be a good choice here, because they are usually worn for a long time. You should also ask your hair stylist for suggestions if you’re unsure of what to go for

Choosing the Right Color

It’s important to get the right color when getting a hair extension. Wearing a wrong shade of hair color can be a giveaway that you’re not wearing your natural hair. The best way thing to do when deliberating on the type of hair color is to go with the hair color that matches with the ends of your locks, and not the roots. It’s also important to go with the colour that matches with the most prominent in your natural hair. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to worry about this. Your hair stylist can determine the type of hair extension color that would be right for you.


It’s always a good decision to spend good money on quality. A lot of people do patronize synthetic hairs because they’re cheap. However, they get tangled easily, and they have this cheap shine, which makes them look artificial. It’s best to go for hairs that are quality and looks a lot like your natural hair. Quality hair extensions don’t shed. They also hold styles, and their texture remains the same. It’s important that people don’t know that you’re not wearing your natural hair. This is how to identify good hair extensions. Another way to have your hair extensions look natural is making sure that the hair cuticles are all facing the same direction. This prevents the hair from tangling and matting.

Hair Extensions Maintenance

It’s important to keep your hair extensions in good shape. Just like people would frequently wash their hair with shampoo, add some natural oil to keep the hair buoyant and healthy. It’s also good to take care of hair extensions. Some of the ways of doing this include washing the extensions. It’s crucial to wash clip –in hair extensions regularly, depending on how often you wear them. This can be done by dipping them in the bath and then drying with a towel. However, it’s essential to remove and comb out any tangles in the clip-in extensions before washing them.

Removing Tangles

This can be done by dipping them in the bath and then drying with a towel. However, it’s essential to remove and comb out any tangles in the clip-in extensions before washing them. Some of the materials that you may need in doing this include shampoo and conditioners. As for keratin and tape-on hair extensions, you should use a gentle shampoo, and endeavor to focus on the roots. You are to condition only from the mid-length of the hair down. Some of the precautions you should take note of when washing the hair extensions include the following: • Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Ensure the hair extension is totally dry before going to bed. • Don’t apply heat styling tools on hair extensions until they’re dry • Don’t apply using heat styling tools directly on tape and keratin bonds.

Hair Extensions Overuse

How to use a Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have a certain duration of time they can be used. It’s important to stop using them when they’re past their durability period. You shouldn’t wear a hair extension that is supposed to last 6 weeks, for months. In addition, it’s best to have them professionally removed, when done with them. Removing them by yourself could damage the hair.

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