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Best Hair Salon Near Me and Steps Involved In Becoming A Hair Stylist

All About Hair Salon Near Me

A hair salon is a place that offers different care to the hair. Examples include cuts, relaxers, colors, shampoo, conditioning, weaving, reconstruction and so on.

Are There Any Differences Between A Beauty Salon And A Hair Salon?

People tend to confuse these two things together, as their services are sometimes intertwined. There are some salons that have various care specialists. This includes nail specialists that would offer to cut, trim and paint your nails. This could offer to do your manicure and pedicure. There would also be hair professionals in the same beauty salon, that offer various hair services such as relaxing the hair, color, conditioning, applying shampoo to the hair, weaving and so on. On the other hand, a beauty parlor is the equivalent of the barbershop for men. It caters only to the needs of women. While the salon caters for both men and women and also provides multiple services, the beauty parlor doesn’t.

What Are The Steps Involved In Becoming A Hair Stylist?

A hair stylist is a person that assesses and evaluates an individual’s scalp and hair, then recommend the right hairstyle and necessary hair treatment the individual should get. They are also capable of identifying the problems with a client’s hair. They provide services like a wash, color, condition, weave, cut, and chemically change the hair, upon the request of the client. They are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the utensils and workspaces. In situations where they own their salon, they’d have to handle processes, such as the budgeting, and hiring staff that would make their job easy

Training program

Completing a Training program

There are various training programs for hair stylists. These programs are available in community colleges, beauty schools, cosmetology schools and so on. A hairstylist program usually lasts from nine months to two years. An individual that opts for the two-year program would graduate with an associate degree. Some of the courses offered in these programs include hair coloring, cutting, styling, shampooing, hair styling, and applying permanent waves. There are some programs that also includes other courses apart from hair procedures. Examples of these include skin care, manicuring, cosmetology, salon management and so on. It’s important you ensure that the program you decide to go for is approved for licensing by the state you’re in.

Getting a license

Most states require all hair stylist to obtain a license before they can practice. However, it’s mandatory for hair stylists to must have completed a cosmetology program, and has successfully passed the licensing exam. You should ensure the program you want to enroll for, is approved for licensing by the state.

Securing a job

The next thing to do after securing your license is finding a job. It’s rare for a hair stylist to be jobless. This is because there are lots of available jobs for hair stylists. Examples of places where hair stylists can work include spas, resorts, and nursing care facilities. Statistics have shown that most hair stylists are self-employed. Those that can’t open their own facility can join an established salon, till they’re ready to start their own.

Seeking professional certifications

One of the ways of developing and progressing as a hair stylist is by getting certifications in specialty areas. This may include hair color, weaving, hair extensions, and so on. The purpose of this is to improve your knowledge and ability in that particular area. The more certificates you get, the more knowledge and skills you have, and this also translate into an increase in revenue. Career advancement in professional hair styling: The best way to develop and start your career is by starting at an entry-level position, and taking your time to advance, and increase your clientele list. The best way to go about this is by taking on more responsibilities within the salon. Hair stylists that have shown and demonstrated would eventually become salon managers. In situations where they decide to start their salon, they’d have amassed a huge clientele list.

How To Start Your Own Hair Salon

Hair stylists that intend to start their salon have to understand the business side of it, before jumping into it. Starting a hair salon requires proper planning. It requires more than just knowing how to weave or cut hair. Below are some of the things you should consider before starting your hair salon: Draw a business plan: There is no way a business can be successful without making plans for it. The first thing to do is to draw a roadmap. This is what will guide the business to success. This doesn’t have to take weeks to draw. You can get inspiration from where you’ve worked before, and modify it to your taste and budget. Drawing a road map involves scribbling down everything you’ve learned, and things you want to do on paper. The business plan should include how you want your business to be successful, and how you will solve any problems that might arise.


:Having a solid plan without funds to back it up, is merely dreaming. You should figure out a way to get money. You can get a loan from the bank, or other financial companies. You must also in how you would pay back the money, and how long it’d take you. Find a mentor: It’s always great to have someone that would guide and give you insights into how the business is run. A mentor is someone that has succeeded in the same thing you want to venture in. Accountability: It’s important to keep track of your income and expenses. This is the way to know if you’re making a profit and how to improve. Location: This goes a long way in determining how successful the business would be. You must choose a place where you know would be easily accessible to your clients.

Men’s Hair Salon

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Beauty salons do cater to both men and women’s hair needs. However, there are also salons that are designed specifically for men. Kids Hair Salon This is a salon that is designed for kids. The hair stylist has to be patient and also have gentle touches.

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