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All About Pool Cleaning Service

There are not many things that are cooler than having a swimming pool. Apart from beautifying the home, swimming is a great sport. It’s a form of aerobics, which helps us to keep fit, and exercise on your breathing rate, and so on. However, the pool needs to be regularly serviced for it to be useable. A professional that takes care of a swimming pool is known as a swimming pool service technician or a pool man. It’s the job of a pool man to clean the swimming pool, also maintain and repair any major pool equipment that needs maintaining such as pumps, motors, and filters.

Pool Cleaning Service

Pool cleaning service is more than just removing debris and unwanted materials out of the pool. It also involves assessing the chemical levels of the water, and adding more chemical if there is any need to. Certain chemicals are added to the swimming pool to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, pool cleaning involves cleaning out the baskets, that are meant to trap and catch debris. The pool man would also have to clean the filter cartridges to make sure that an adequate amount of water pressure can get through it. Pool cleaning also covers cleaning the top of the water, by skimming the pool, and then making the floor of the pool clean by brushing and vacuuming it. The last step in cleaning a pool is backwashing. This is carried out by using the water from the pool to rinse the dirt and debris from the filter.

Why Is It Important To Get A Professional Pool Cleaning Service?

It’s a lot of fun owning a pool. However, owning a pool comes with great responsibility. The swimming pool has to be kept clean, clear and beautiful. This has to be done so that bacteria cannot grow in the water, and also to prevent the tiles on the floor of the pool from becoming slimy. It’s usually tricky cleaning the pool by one’s self and without proper knowledge of how to go about it. This is why it’s essential to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

Spread of Infections

Preventing the Spread of Infections

There are some specific chemicals and cleaning that has to be done in the pool regularly. This is to prevent the spread of infections from the pool. One of the most common bacteria that thrives in the dirty pool is E. Coli. This organism can infect people, and cause different severities of diarrhea. Professional pool cleaning companies know what chemical to use, and how to ensure rid the pool of any bacterial infection. Another organism that tends to thrive in pools is Shigellosis. This infection can affected persons to present with symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting, bloody stool, and cramps.

Knowing the Right Chemicals for the pool

It’s important to maintain a normal level of chemicals added to the pool to keep germs and bacteria away. The chemicals have to be kept a balance. A professional pool cleaning service knows the right amount of chemicals to add, and also the right mix.

Important Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Swimming pools are somewhere your family and friends can relax and have some fun, especially in summer. However, it’s an expensive facility to manage. You have to keep the pool clean, to maintain its value. Below are some of the ways you can keep your swimming pool in good shape: Ensure to keep debris out of the swimming pool: There is bound to be some unwanted materials in the pool. Some of these materials include leaves, insects, plastics, wastes of animals, pollens, and so on. This materials if not removed can clog up the filters and drains of the pool. This would enhance the growth of algae, and bacteria. This is why it’s important to eliminate these materials before they clog up the different openings in the pool. This can be done by making use of a long-handled net when trying to remove materials that are out of reach.

Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket is a component of the swimming pool that holds debris. It’s essential to empty the basket on a regular basis, as they can get filled quickly. This should be done multiple times a week. This would generally increase the water flow, and also improve the filter efficiency.

Maintaining the Pool Deck

It’s essential to maintain the pool deck, and make sure they are in good shape. It’s common for cracks to develop between the decks. Cracks permit water to seep into the joints and cause some damage to the pool. You can fill up cracks on decks with caulk. This would prevent water from sipping through and damaging the deck surface, which is costly to repair.

Common Swimming Pool Cleaning Mistakes

Due to the unlimited amount of information about cleaning swimming pools, and the cost of hiring a professional swimming pool service. A lot of people tend to clean their swimming pool by themselves. However, people make some mistakes while doing this. Below are some of the common mistakes people make when cleaning their pool: Chlorine and shocking: A lot of people know chlorine as an important chemical to add to the swimming pool. However, a common mistake people make is how they add it, and when to add the chemical. The right way to apply chlorine is by diluting in a bowl of water, before pouring into the pool. Also, this should be done at night, especially in summer. Studies have shown that heat reduces the effectiveness of chlorine by up at least 50%. Overall, you should endeavor to dilute chlorine before pouring in the pool, and it’s important only to chlorinate the pool at night because heat reduces its effectiveness.


Testing Waters


Testing your swimming pool can be likened to going for a medical checkup in the hospital. It’s important to test your pool regularly, and you shouldn’t wait for when it gets faulty, as this would usually cost a lot of money to repair. It’s essential to test your water, at least once a week.

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