Stem cEll Bank

Biotech is changing the world. Doctors , Providers and Investors all want a piece of the pie. Stem Cell banking gives you that opportunity unlike never before. Its like Uber for biotech!

Siimpler Stem Cell bank

Start your own stem cell bank

Saves you money

As a "My Bank" owner you will have access to all the leading biotech products at the wholesale price potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Creates new Revenue

You will be able to offer your peers the ability to leverage your personal bank saving them up to 30% off retail, and make a new profit stream for your business.

Competitive advantage

You control the bank, so you will always have better access to product in the event the market gets tight because of demand and supply shrinks you will have a competitive advantage.

Stem Cell Bank Products

Products sourced from FDA registered labs and the top scientests in the world!

Umbilical Cord

Cord Tissue and Cord blood products will available to all My Bank providers as well as those doctors and peers that you support..

Wharton's Jelly

Otrho grade Whatron's Jelly will be available to all "My Bank" owners as well as limited accesss to others who purchase wholsale from your bank.


Exosomes will be available starting the 15th for all my Bank owners and their peers.

Biotech Investment Opportunity - Invest in Stem Cell bank

the best investmenet you can make is in yourself!

It’s a win-win you take money you are going to spend in the future, use it wisely and create not only more profit and stability for your practice but create new revenue opportunities.

because you own your own bank, you will be able to leverage bulk buying power of our reserve and get all your products at wholesale saving you up to 60% on the cost of your product purchases in many cases.

Offering your peers the ability to purchase biotech producst at "YOUR BANK" prices will make you the hero, save them tons of money and provide a residual income stream for the life of that relationship.

As a "My Bank" owner you will be able to leverage this into other opportunities.

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