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Kmowing About Storage Unit

Storage Unit A storage unit is that which you can store your properties for a long time. A storage unit can be likened to renting a house, and the only time you get to see the landlord is when you need to pay your monthly rent. All you need to do is just looking for a good storage unit agency around you, then sign an agreement, and you can keep your stuff in the unit. However, you’d have to pay a monthly charge. You can save yourself the stress of paying monthly by paying a lump sum at once. The only time you’d have to visit the unit would be when you want to deposit something into the storage unit or pay your rent. Storage units are generally safe.

How Much Do Storage Units Cost?

There are many factors involved in determining the cost of renting a storage unit. Some of the factors include the location of the storage unit, the kind of unit you want. Other factors that are involved include the size of the unit, the age, the duration of rent, and the type of security available. The more facilities are present in the storage unit, the more expensive it gets. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of storage units: Size of the storage unit: The size of the storage unit is one of the major determinants of the cost of the storage unit. The bigger the size of the unit you want, the more expensive it gets. As an illustration, small storage units could cost as low as $40 per month, while the big storage units might cost as high as $200 per month. It’s important to check the price list of the storage units, before committing yourself to an agreement.

Location of the storage unit

This is the second most important factor that influences the cost of storage units, after size. Storage unit shares a lot of similarities with home rental. Just like home rentals, storage units in big cities are usually more expensive than those in, smaller cities, or towns. Also, the location of the units also matters a lot. Those in the downtown part of the city would not cost as much as those in the highbrow areas of cities. It will also help if you don’t insist on a particular location, especially when you’re trying to cut cost. Be open to any location, and cast your net wide so that you can have more options. Storing your property in a storage unit that is out of the city isn’t a bad idea. You should put this into consideration when looking to rent a storage unit.

Good Climate control

Climate control

This is important especially in places where the climate is not stable. It might be difficult storing your properties in a place that experiences a lot of heat, a lot of cold, high humidity consistently. A climate controlled storage unit is needed in this type of environment. Depositing your properties in any kind of storage unit would cause damages to your properties. Climate controlled storage units are slightly more expensive than normal storage units. It’s usually 15% more expensive than the normal units. This is worth it, especially when you value what you’d be depositing in the storage units.

The structure type of the unit:

There are two main types of storage units, and they are indoor and outdoor. The outdoor structured storage unit shares a lot of similarities with home garages, in that the unit has a separate door that can be accessed from outside. On the other hand, indoor structured storage unit shares some similarities to apartment buildings, as there is a general door for entry into the unit, then several other doors for different units


: Security is one of the most important factors when trying to get a storage unit, especially when you’d be depositing the properties that you value. You should endeavor to get a facility that has some sort of security in place. This includes CCTV camera, that is constantly monitored, keypad entry and so on. Some facilities even take it a step further by hiring security guards to watch over the facility throughout the day. However, you must know that the more secure the facility is, the more you’d have to pay.

structured storage units

Typically, indoor structured storage units are more expensive than outdoor structured storage units. The cost of the indoor units is usually about 50% more costly than outdoor units. Also, units on the first or ground floor are usually more expensive than others on upper floors, although they are easily accessible. However, you should endeavor to get an upper-level storage unit, if you’re trying to save money.

Rental agreement:

There are a lot of ways of cutting cost when renting a storage unit. One is to sign for long term rent. As an illustration, renting a unit for six months cost more per month, than when you rent for one year. So you should not hesitate to rent for the long term if that’s your goal. You can also get some discount if you negotiate with the management of the facility. Some of the conditions for a discount might include paying for long term rent or making an advance payment.

Is It Illegal To Live In A Storage Unit?

It’s not illegal to live in a storage unit, as long as you’ve paid for it. However, storage facilities do not encourage living in their units. This is because the units are not built for people to live in. Majority of these units are not heated or kept at a temperature that would make it habitable for humans. Also, there are bathrooms or restrooms where people can clean up. Most storage facilities would terminate the contract if they discover that an individual has decided to move into his/her storage unit

Storage Unit Rent

Renting A Storage Unit


There are some storage facilities that allow people to pay per month. However, it’s always cheaper to pay for long term rent, such as one year or more.

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