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Wedding Photography


Best Wedding Photography Near Me

Best Wedding Photography Near Me and The Things You Need For Wedding Photography?

All About Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the type of photography that covers the activities that go on at a wedding. This includes pre-wedding pictures, wedding pictures, and sometimes the engagement pictures. It is one of the most popular and commercial aspects of photography. It is usually fun and exciting for both for the photographer and the couples. It involves all the different forms of photography which include portraiture, family, group, even and close-up images. It might also include landscape shots, especially when the photographer decides to shoot in a location that is beautiful and has a lot of landscape.

How Difficult is Wedding Photography

Wedding photography does involve a lot of work, as the photographer has to present a beautiful occasion in pictures. They have to be perfect for the couple because this would be the only memory they’d have of the wedding. A photographer cannot afford to make mistakes when working on wedding photography. He/she cannot afford to lose the pictures by accident or misplace the memory card. Asides from the stress that comes with it, wedding photography is largely rewarding. Photographers that takes great pictures get to charge their clients a lot of money.

How to Manage Wedding Photography Business

This works best when you have your own freelancing business. Photographers that are great at capturing weddings can also transfer these skills into other forms of photography. They can easily dabble into portrait photography, events photography, and landscape photography without any stress. The tricky part of wedding photography is getting clients. One of the photographers gets clients by referral. Word gets around a lot, especially when the photographer is good. However, the best way to get clients is through social media. Posting your work on social media platform such as Instagram pushes your work, and people can also contact you easily.

Things You Need For Wedding Photography

What Are The Things You Need For Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography involves a lot of things. This includes some photography gears. However, you don’t need to break the bank to start, because it’s not about how expensive your photography gears are, but how you use them. Below are some of the equipment you would need: A camera body: A camera body is the one that you attach your lens to. There are two types of camera, and these are the DSLR cameras and the mirrorless cameras. The mirrorless cameras are generally more expensive than the DSLR. There are more cheap options of DSLR cameras than mirrorless cameras. They both take great pictures. However, the mirrorless camera is usually more portable than the DSLR camera. There are various brands of the camera out there. Some of them include Nikon, Canon, Leica, Sony, and so on. You should do your research about the ones you like, and go for it. It’s important to know that cameras can be as cheap as $500, and can also more than $10,000 depending on what you want.


The camera cannot work without the lens. Typically, the camera body always comes with a kit lens. However, this kit lens might do a good job, when it comes to wedding photography, especially when you’d like to earn a lot of money from your work. There are two main types of lenses, and these are the prime lens and the zoom lens. A prime lens is usually faster than a zoom lens, but they have a fixed focal length. Examples of some popular prime lens include the 50mm 1.4, 1.8 and so on.

Zoom Lens

the zoom lens is more flexible, and you can shoot objects that are far and close to you, by just adjusting the lens. Examples of zoom lens include the popular 24-70mm, 70-120mm and so on. These are great lenses for wedding photography. However, you’d also need the prime lens for taking sharp portrait pictures or close up pictures. Wedding photography requires being able to work at a high ISO, a fast shutter speed, and great focusing points. Eventually, you might need to get or rent both the prime lens and zoom lens, to have a proper wedding photoshoot.

Back up Camera

It’s always good to have a backup camera. It’d be awkward and time wasting having to switch lenses on a single camera every 15 minutes. This would not only make you look incompetent but would also cost a lot of great shots. You would miss out on shooting a lot of moments because you were trying to switch your lenses. Your lens might even fall off and shatter while trying to do this and having a camera that holds a lens that you like to use most, then a backup camera that holds your second favorite lens. You could put a prime lens on a camera, then a zoom lens on another one. This would work for any type of moment you might want to capture.

Invest in Batteries

You’d need to have spare batteries that are fully charged when covering wedding events. This is because photographers have to take a lot of pictures, then choose the best, which are to be submitted to the couple. You’d more than one battery to do this.

Tripod and Wireless transmitters

Cameras are placed on tripods for stability. It’s better to take equipment to an event and not need it than not to have the equipment and realize you needed it. They are useful when taking group pictures. You can safely place your camera on a tripod when shooting sets of people in the same position. This allows you to use both hands in coordinating and arranging people for group photos. Also, it reduces camera shakes flicks and lets you rest your arms. Wireless transmitters: This is not a must-have accessory, but it’s great to have. It lets you send pictures wirelessly to a computer or a storage device that you have nearby. In a situation where you have someone nearby to edit as you shoot, then you hand over the photo album to the couple immediately after the wedding. Now that’d be a service that’d be well rewarded.

Best Cameras For Wedding Photography

ameras For Wedding Photography


As earlier mentioned, there are two types of cameras. They include the mirrorless cameras and the DSLR. Although the mirrorless cameras have recorded a lot of growth in technology recently, and are portable. DSLR cameras remain the best choice for shooting weddings.

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