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Wedding Venues and Tips You Should Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

All About Wedding Venues

One of the most important days in one’s life is the wedding day. This is the day you get married to the one you love and are willing to spend the rest of your life with. A lot of preparation of goes into having a wedding. While some people prefer to have a low key wedding, some like it loud, fancy and fun. Whatever side of the divide you’re on, the main thing is to be happy on one of the most memorable days of your life.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the crucial decisions you’d have to make when planning a wedding. Although there are a lot of things that are optional in a wedding, examples include wearing a suit, having a wedding cake, and so on. The venue is an integral part of the event. A lot of people find it difficult, choosing the perfect wedding venue. While there are many options to choose from such as a hotel event’s hall, an elegant ballroom, a beautiful restaurant, side of a beach and so on, a lot of preparation is also needed to make this a reality.

Tips You Should Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Below are some of the tips you should consider when planning on a wedding venue: Talk to a wedding planner: A wedding planner is like a wedding event professional. They have a sound knowledge of what and what not to do in a wedding ceremony. They have the links and connections to most of the wedding service providers. This includes florists, cinematography, photography, wedding gown, where to get the best rings and so on. A wedding planner can help you scout for a wedding venue, based on what you want, and your budget. They ensure your plans and designs are brought to life. However, you must know that their service isn’t for free.


Choose a Venue that goes with your Vision

: Most people, especially ladies already have a picture of what they want their big day to look like. The best thing is to try to create something that is similar, or better than the vision you’ve always had. If you’ve always liked a beach wedding, then that’s what you and your wedding planner should agree on, and if you’ve always wanted to get married in a restaurant, you should plan on getting on beautiful one, unless there is a valid reason to change your plans. ‘‘Opting for a venue that aligns with your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to space’’.

Familiarize Yourself with your Guest List

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the number of people that would be coming to your wedding, so you will not be caught unprepared. Knowing the number of people coming to your wedding is a factor you must consider when choosing a wedding venue. The more the people, the bigger the hall. It would be poor to select a small venue that can’t accommodate your guests. Typically, couples do underestimate how many people would invite on their big day. It’s important to make a proper estimate, so you would know the type of venue you’d go for. This would also help you in breaking down your budget. If a lot of people would be invited, then you must make a huge allocation for the venue.

Always Consider Your Budget

You must always put your budget in mind when planning. Some event centers do offer catering services, and they do charge per plate. This could be a great choice. However, you must also consider other costs, such as the cost of decoration, floral designs and so on. The cost of doing these things should not exceed your allocation. In case there is something you can’t cut out but exceeds its allocation, you must find a way to cut down other aspects of the wedding, or remove some things entirely. It’s always good not to exceed your budget. Set priorities, and remove the things that you can do without. You should speak to a local wedding planner, on how you can get the best deals on what you’d need for the wedding. Things might be a lot cheaper than what you see online.

Prepare for Your Guests

It’s essential your guests are well taken care of, especially when you have people coming out of town. You might want to get a place that is close to the venue of the wedding, to reduce stress. Another way to go about this is to ask the hotel or apartment owner, how many people you can fit in a room comfortably. You should also make inquiries if there are any rules and regulations, so you can inform your guests.

Think about what is included in packages

It’s important to ask questions, especially when it pertains to services that come in packages. As an illustration, an event center that also provides chairs, tables as a total package might be more expensive than renting your own chairs and tables, then bringing them into the event center. You can negotiate by pricing down the cost of the chairs and tables. This is one of the ways of reducing the cost of a wedding. However, you must also factor in the tax policy of the city. You should add this to your budget when making plans.

Stay True to Yourselves

A lot of people get influenced by what they’ve seen online and like to have the same thing done. It’s important to be true to yourself, and plan based on your budget. A wedding is between two people, and the two of you must decide on what you want.

Booking Your Wedding Venue

When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?


Most people book their wedding venue from two years to nine months. This allows them to make proper plans, and get funds together. Booking a wedding venue well ahead of time helps one in preparing and focusing on what’s next. There are some dates that get take quickly. A lot of people have their weddings between October and December. So it’s essential for you to book ahead of time if you have such date in mind.

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