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Window Cleaning Service Near Me


Best Window Cleaning Service Near Me

Best Window Cleaning Service Near Me and Tools Used In Cleaning Window

All About Window Cleaning Service

Window cleaning is the process of cleaning the exterior part of the architectural glass that is used for aesthetic, lighting and structural purposes. Window cleaning can be done manually, and can also be done through the use of various tools. The use of technology in window cleaning has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. There is some window cleaning service that you can contract to help clean the windows of your building. These companies work on a commercial level.

What Are The Tools Used In Cleaning Window?

There are many tools involved in cleaning windows. Some of the tools include the following: Chamois and scrim: This window cleaning tool is used to loosen and remove dirt from windows. It’s followed by a buffing with a cheesecloth. Water and squeegee: To clean windows, chemicals are usually dissolved in water, then a brush is dipped into the solution and used to scrub the glass. This is where the squeegee comes in. It’s used to sluice the dirt and water mixture from the glass. Examples of chemicals that are added to water include trisodium phosphate, etching salt and so on. Anti-freezing chemicals are also added to the mixture, to prevent the water mixture from crystallizing before they are applied. Water-fed poles: They are a type of telescopic poles, that are fitted at the upper part with a brush and water jets. The pole is fed with a water supply from either a domestic or commercial water outlet. The water used is usually filtered through different stages.


In situations where the window of a building is not easily accessible, window cleaners tend to combine different methods to make it work. Some of the tools used in doing this include the following: Ladders: Ladders are used when the windows of a building are not easily accessible. Supported scaffolding: This is a platform that workers can stand on when cleaning windows. They rest on a surface below, rather than hanging from above like a suspended scaffolding. Suspended platform or cradle: This type of platform is not attached to a lower surface or the ground. Instead, they’re attached to wire rope from above.

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How To Clean High Rise Window Cleaning?

The windows of high rise buildings are mostly made of glass. They require constant cleaning. This kind of job requires the expertise of professional window cleaners. Cleaning the windows of a high rise building involves a lot of risks. At a point in New York, there was an average of 1 out 200 deaths of window cleaners of high rise buildings. In the past, cleaners would stand on the window ledge, and hold on to the frame, to clean the windows. However, they started making use of safety belts. The belt was usually attached to an anchor bolt. Much later, the scaffold was introduced.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Professional To Clean My Windows?

One of the reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a professional window cleaner is because they have the skill and know-how in cleaning windows. Getting a frequent professional cleaning prevents your windows from etching and pitting over a period of time. Professional cleaners do the job without causing any scratch or leaving any residue behind. They can also easily detect when the window is faulty and can suggest a window repairer. In addition, they help you save a lot of time, especially when you’re a busy individual. Lastly, they have the needed equipment that would get the job done quickly, and with good quality.

How Often Should I Get My Window Cleaned?

It’s important to get your window cleaned as often as possible. The recommended exterior cleaning of windows is averagely two times per year. On the other hand, it’s recommended to carry out interior cleaning at least once a year, unless people smoke inside the house, there are little children or animal pets in the house. Overall, cleaning your window regularly would save you from spending so much on window repairs later in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Windows?

The cost of cleaning windows depend on the location, and on the experience of the window cleaning company invited to do the job. Window cleaning companies with a lot of experience tend to charge more than new ones. Also, the more facility and modern equipment a company have, the more they’d charge to clean windows. Most cleaning companies tend to have different types of services. Also, the cost of cleaning also depends on the size of the window. Big sized windows would cost more than small sized windows. They include basic, deluxe and premium. Generally, the cleaning of small homes does cost about $150, while medium-sized home costs about $250. Lastly, large homes cost about $400. You should get quotations from many companies, and choose the one that aligns with your budget.

Is It Important To Clean The Interior And The Exterior Of A House At The Same Time?

Window cleaning professionals do recommend that people clean both the interior and exterior part of their windows at the same time. This is for no other reason, other than to improve the aesthetics of the window. Having a clean interior window but a dirty exterior window would not make anyone satisfied.

What Happens When It Rains After The Windows Are Cleaned?

Windows that are cleaned professionally would not spot, even when it rains some days after cleaning has been done. Rain doesn’t make windows dirty; only dirt does that. Dust can be from the air, pollen from trees smokes from cars, factories, and so on. A window that is professionally cleaned would remain clean, even after the rain has fallen. In situations where the windows get dirty, shortly after a rainfall, the window cleaners would come back to fix it, as long as this is included in the contract signed.

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Window Cleaning


This is the type of cleaning that is done on a house. The interior and exterior part of the windows should both be cleaned to get a satisfying outcome. Commercial Window Cleaning This is professional window cleaners that are hired in cleaning the windows of buildings. They mostly work on big sized buildings, such as high rise buildings.

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